Small car promotion with retractable banner

April 13th, 2013

The automobile market chilly, supervisory authority, according to statistics, from January to June this year, the number of new cars listed, more than one hundred thirty-two thousand vehicles, nearly four million less than compared to the first half of last year, 17 in case more than 10 vehicles, a full, these disappear listed a new car, of course, reflects the decline in sales of the depot.

Automobile market in the face of non-stop recession, higher fuel economy alone has a significant growth in the small car market, accounted for 15.4% of the overall auto market from 2006, rising to 20.1% in 2007, stressed lightweight economical small car into the automobile market the icebreaker. Market ranked sixth, but the market share growing year by year MAZDA original Japanese small car Mazda2 also introduced with retractable banner [] for the first time this year, a month that July of domestic and imported small car sales charts, reaction to changes in the market power of small cars. Read the rest of this entry »

Entrepreneur that discontinued from University study

April 13th, 2013

Four months ago, when the California desert also felt the advent of spring, from America Chen Yanhan, first standing on the DEMO stage, in the face of 400 media, venture capitalists and other network entrepreneurial team introduced he founded the travel community website Citiport the when, the site has just launch less than one month, the function is not yet available.

But even so, at that time the site has been uploaded tourist information and pictures from more than eighty cities in the world, from Day one Citiport to a fully-fledged global website. The debut in DEMO Chen Yanhan a rare experience. After his ouster from power, a lot of venture capital to come to ask, expressed interest, and in the subsequent two days in the arrangements of the organization led a group III, Chen Yanhan have the opportunity personally to the United States and the Asian American venture capital report concept.

He was pleased to find that a lot of venture capital want to arrange a further meeting to understand his product, but he also found that many of the issues raised by venture capitalists, he did not carefully considered. Read the rest of this entry »

The age of innovation for big brands

April 13th, 2013

Great hybrid bike

Remember you have the bike? When I was a child, the mother took us to go to school, also needed a haircut. Grow up a little, I also rode his bicycle to go to school. My bike is too old chain often fall off.

Today, the appearance of the bicycle is already changing, not long ago the impression that cheap or easy ball dropped merchandise. Bicycle into a concrete manifestation of caring for the earth, energy conservation, more expensive high-end bicycle, a fine living in an embellishment.

Great Twist Comfort hybrid combination of human and battery-powered bicycle, also known as Hybrid Power Bicycle old bicycle consumer groups in the main market, to take a hybrid design, powered by two lithium batteries in notebook, so that we can easy to complete the 120 km ride from the experience climbing is not difficult. The price of up to 1,688 euros (about eight million Taiwan dollars), meaning to use the two locomotives price to buy a Twist Comfort. Read the rest of this entry »

Ten critcial technology services

April 13th, 2013

Ten key technology services locked in this study, after consumers aware of the services and the willingness to use, the service can be broadly divided into three categories: First, the high degree of awareness, high willingness ITES: broadband audio-visual services, online music, Internet telephony, traffic information systems. Such services behind the symbol of the needs of the people of music, talk, information and audio-visual services. Second, the use of low degree, high market demand ITeS: home security control, telemedicine, short-range wireless applications, can be regarded as a technology services with high growth potential; almost willing to pay as long as the consumer demand for such services, fee. Moderate demand, the moderate market acceptance ITeS: can be regarded as stable growth of science and technology, the future willingness to pay the proportion of more than 1.

Internet application behavior: Internet like to be the basis of various innovative services, the reasons people use the Internet, in addition to searching for information, links and friends, life gradually. Followed to analyze the Internet experience of people use the network in addition to work, the results from the analysis point of view, the most commonly used network is to retrieve, gather information, an average of 52 per 100 users use the network for the purpose of collecting information; contact with friends (30.5), a life interest (29.7) (28.7) to learn and enjoy the music, animation, games (24.5), for shopping (24.2).

2 location-based information services: the overall respondents consumers of around 7 percent of known location-based information services, about 1% of people said that even if the pay is still willing to use this service, consumer demand for new types of mobile applications service high interest, such as targeted ads combined with the promotion, tourist information services. Read the rest of this entry »